Ashli Hubler


Board Certified & Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist


  • East Stroudsburg University Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
  • East Stroudsburg University Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Licenses & Certificates:

  • Licensed to practice in the state of South Carolina
  • Received Certificate of Clinical Competence through American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • 2 time ASHA Award for Continuing Education (ACE) Awardee (May 2020 and December 2020)

Work History:
In pursuit of both my Bachelor and Master degrees, I have worked in a variety of direct care settings for adults with cognitive impairments, TBI, dementia, and feeding/swallowing disorders, as well as maintaining my role as a live-in nanny for 3 wonderful girls. After I received my Master degree, I worked closely with North Carolina’s Early Intervention program and in private practice with clients from birth across the entire lifespan, as well as maintaining a PRN career in a skilled nursing facility. During my experiences, I have had the privilege to work with a variety of children and adults across a multitude of disorders including the following: Apraxia, speech disorders, phonological disorders, oral motor disorders, feeding/swallowing disorders, Ankyloglossia (tongue tie), Dysarthria, language disorders, cognitive disorders, TBI, Dementia, Aphasia, Autism, AAC, fluency disorders, and reading disorders. I am very passionate about this field and I am excited to now serve the Myrtle Beach area. I look forward to continuing to work with my patients and their families!

Specialized Training:
Participation in the Exceptional Child: Empowered! Conference
This was a three day conference in which a variety of topics in the areas of speech sound disorders and feeding were discussed. Presenters focused on airway assessment and management, anatomical differences in the orofacial complex related to myofunctional disorders, jaw development, /r/ remediation, pre and post op care for tethered oral tissues, wound management post lingual frenectomy, coaching strategies for feeding patients and their families, strategies to increase interest in vegetables, complications related to mouth breathing, correlations between sleep disordered breathing and myofunctional disorders.

Feed the Peds: The Foundations of Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing
This was a 12 week course that discussed a variety of topics all related specifically to feeding and swallowing. This course discussed anatomical and physiological development as well as gross and fine motor development of feeding and swallowing skills from before and after birth and throughout childhood. This course discussed IDDSI, medical models of feeding and swallowing, inter-collaboration between professionals that work with children with feeding and swallowing disorders, assessment of feeding and swallowing disorders, treatment models and techniques of feeding and swallowing disorders, discussed adaptive equipment and tools needed for therapy, bottle feeding and breastfeeding, and information pertaining specifically to medically complex

We Practice What We Teach: Sensory-Oral-Motor Series
This was a three day conference in which a variety of topics in the areas of speech sound disorders and feeding were discussed. Presenters specifically discussed various OPT (oral placement therapy) strategies and tools that can be used across a multitude of speech sound disorders and feeding disorders for oral placement, strengthening, range of motion of speech articulators and the impact and benefits these tools can have from an oral motor and sensory perspective. Detailed case study specific to the down syndrome population as well as pre feeding programming was discussed.

Diagnosis and Management of Childhood Apraxia of Speech using DTTC
This course discussed in detail the origins and principles of motor learning necessary to understand Apraxia of Speech, characteristics of Apraxia in comparison to other speech sound disorders, differential diagnosis of Apraxia of speech, assessment of Apraxia of speech, and cueing strategies for assessment and treatment of Apraxia of speech.

Myo Membership Subscriber
This is an ongoing study group in which presenters from any field related to Orofacial Myofunctional therapy are invited to present, in which I receive 2 hours of continuing education units per month. There are also ongoing live case studies, office hours to ask leading professionals questions in this area, interprofessional collaboration through a study group, as well as current research available to me through this membership.

Welcome to Young Talkers!

Our mission is to provide quality speech-language and feeding therapy services to the pediatric and adult population in order to enhance their verbal/non-verbal communication and feeding skills. We accomplish this by identifying concerns through specialized evaluations and the development of goals to meet the needs of the patient and the family.